Are you finally ready to put yourself first?

Let me help you reclaim your femininity and unearth the energies that will guide you into a juicy, delicious life.


This is the deal

You were handed the wrong playbook.

You’ve been trained to live in a world driven by masculine values: achievement, power, logic, and competition.

Your innately feminine energies of empathy, intuition, stillness, sensitivity, emotion, surrender, ease, tenderness, and creativity have been suppressed within you.

And it's left most women feeling disconnected from themselves—like they're living lives that no longer work for them. Tired of doing what is expected of them, they’re barely existing.

Feel familiar? Yah, I know.
Every woman I talk to is ready for more.
More space. More calm. More fun. More intimacy. More pleasure. More from life.

And that's where I come in.



You and Me. 8 weeks of Sacred Sisterhood.

Untangle Your

Together we dig deep and explore the roots of your current reality. How did you get here? What’s really holding you back? What parts of your past informed the way you are showing up to life today? Together we will radically unwind you from your past and craft a new, more delicious story for you.


How do you want your life to look, feel, and taste? Let’s achieve it through ritual and embodied movement. We will use manifestation tools/The Law of Attraction/Universal Energy to call in what you really want. Let’s ignite your inner wild woman and use her knowing to steer your life in a more pleasurable direction.


your wildness

How will you use your inner guidance to create a ripple effect of love, light and feminine badassery in the world? What do you want your legacy to be? How will you use your newly reclaimed wild voice?

Together we will forge a new path for you.

Do these things feel familiar?

  • You have everything you thought you wanted—healthy kids, a partner, a cozy home—but you still wonder...why don’t I feel happier?
  • You’ve gotten to the point where you just aren’t sure this life is working for you, but you don’t know why or how to begin changing it.
  • You just don’t feel like you anymore; you’re underwhelmed and overworked. You want to take up more space and have more freedom in your days.
  • You want to connect to yourself, but you don’t know how to start.
  • You've read all the self-help books, taken the himalayan salt baths and still...

Listen up. I get you. Because I was you.


Hey, gorgeous
—I'm Natty.

I guide women back to their innate, wild feminine power within my organization, Tribe of Wolves.

It is my mission to ignite the women around me so they can live full, juicy, and delicious lives.

At 39 I felt like my life wasn't working for me anymore. I had everything I thought I wanted (the partner, house, kids, job), but something was missing.

When I began to dive into the teachings of the divine feminine, there was a revolution in my heart.

I began to attract the things I wanted in my life. I was less overwhelmed. My life felt spacious. I healed my relationship with my husband and my kids. And I began to push mad love into the world.

It is my desire to lead women out of the masculine hustle and back into their innate feminine energy so they can be the women they want to be and live the lives they are craving.

Collectively we will create a ripple effect of love, light, and feminine badassery that this world so greatly needs.

I know it’s possible for all of us.
And I have the tools to make it happen for you.

Let's get going. The world needs your wild.

What other women are saying

testimonial mae

"Nat guided me in unearthing my deepest desires to create a life that I'm now excited to wake up to. She gave me the tools I need to continue the process, which is ever-changing, always evolving. From surviving to thriving - I'm forever grateful. Yours in Sisterhood."

Mae U (Upton, MA)

kelly testimonial

"The tools I learned from Natalie have been life changing. Not that my life is all sunny and roses, if anything, this past year has been harder than ever. But because of Natalie  I was better equipped to handle it with the feminine strength I never knew was in me. I still have hard days - and that’s when I (and my practice) grow even stronger."

Kelly G (Austin, TX)


"Fear of our desire has been woven into our ancestral DNA. The Scarlet Letter, slut shaming & the never wanting to be too much. All of it holds our desire hostage. At some point Natalie stopped running from her Desire. She turned around and wrapped her arms all the way around the whole hairy, horny, ambitious, gorgeous, wild too muchness of her Desire. And thank Goddess she did  because now I have a guide into my wild!"

Heather (Boston, MA)

Let's do this.

Are you ready to do things differently?

Let's connect.

Tell me where you are on your journey and why you want me as your guide.

I can't wait to get to know you. ❤️

Big Howls,